Previous vicars

We were privileged to have had many dedicated achens ministering to us in the past. The assignment of a vicar to our Congregation has been normally for three years. Until 2009, the  vicar of Los Angeles Mar Thoma Church served us also, while from 2009 onwards we shared the vicar with Horeb MTC, Denver, CO. Beginning in 2016, the vicar resided in Phoenix  and  commuted to Denver twice a month. We give thanks to the Lord for their ministry and recognize their leadership and service to the community.

Rev. Stalin Thomas 2016-2019
Rev. V.G. Varughese 2013-2016
Rev. Dr. Philip Varghese 2012-2013
Rev. Regi Zacharia 2009-2012
Rev. Varghese Ninan 2008-2009
Rev. Noble V. Jacob 2005-2008
Rev. Dr. Sunni Mathew 2002 -2005
Rev. David Daniel 2000-2002
Rev. Dr. K.V. Simon 1996-2000