Sunday School

The overarching goal of our Sunday school is to motivate, inspire, and bring our childr en closer to Christ and his many miracles. Our Phoenix Mar  Thoma Sunday School (PMTSS), which has  been functioning successfully since 2009. Thirty-nine children attended classes regularly (Kindergarten through 12th Grade). There were nine full time teachers and five substitutes providing full support and dedication to our Sunday school. The children were very active in participating in local and regional activities such as the Diocesan Exam, World Sunday School Day celebrations, the Ecumenical Christmas, etc. Not only did they gain biblical wisdom from these activities, but also became closer with God. Children learned new songs, played fun games, had enlightening lessons, and gained much spiritual wisdom. We also held activities of Bible trivia questions for the children, special competitions, and memorizing Bible  verses. They  all  had great experiences with Christ during the worship sessions. Thanks to the efficiency and dedication of the talented teachers, we were able to make the Sunday school classes for our kids. Sunday school team and the youth team took leadership roles in  Praise and Worship services.  The Sunday School Superintendent is Mrs. Blessly Thomas.